Defensive Powers

These powers protect the character in various ways.

Device: The most common defensive devices are suits of armor and shields, although they may include various belts, bracers, or other items providing a defensive power.


You are resistant to damage inflicted by a specific element or energy type (select one under
Elemental Control) up to the level of this power, like the Resistance power. Any levels of damage over the level of this power are suffered normally. You can use the absorbed energy in one of the following ways:

Ability Boost: On your next panel after absorbing damage, you can use the absorbed energy as an Ability Boost with a level equal to the damage absorbed. The affected ability is chosen when you take this option, and each ability counts as a separate option.

Attack: On your next panel after absorbing damage, you can unleash the absorbed energy as
an attack. Treat it as an appropriate Blast attack with a level equal to the damage absorbed.

Healing: You instantly recover Stamina equal to the level of damage absorbed, up to your
maximum Stamina level.

Bonus Power – Additional Uses: As a bonus power, you can use the absorbed energy in an additional way as listed above.

Force Field

You have the ability to generate a personal force field that acts as Invulnerability equal to your power level. If you are stunned for any reason, your Force Field stops working until you recover. You can make a Willpower test to keep your Force Field working while you are stunned: your effort on the test is the level of Force Field you maintain. So, for example, if you have Force Field 7 and generate an effort of 5 on the Willpower test to maintain it, you effectively have Force Field 5 until you recover from the stun.

Immortality (Must Purchase as Level 10 only)

You do not age and cannot die. You still suffer damage, even to the point of death, but you can recover from having your Strength reduced to 0. Your body slowly regenerates lost parts so, short of atomizing you or exposing you to a constant source of damage (in a volcano or the heart of a star, for example), you’ll always come back eventually.

If your Strength is reduced to 0 (or any other time you “die” and recover), you lose all your current Determination and must accumulate more starting from 0.
Immunity (Power Group) (Must Purchase as Level 10 only)

You are completely immune to a particular type of effect or attack. Choose an effect from the Resistance list. The chosen effect simply doesn’t work on you.


You are resistant to physical damage, subtracting your Invulnerability level from the damage caused by an attack, which may reduce it to 0 or less, meaning you suffer no damage. Attacks reduced to 0 damage may still stun or slam you, however, even if you suffer no actual damage from the attack.

Attacks reduced below 0 damage have no effect at all.

Your Invulnerability may come from armor plating, a leathery hide, skin made of something other than flesh (such as metal), or just a general superhuman toughness, you decide. A character who has this power from a device may choose to have a suit of armor that provides the Invulnerability and incorporates any or all of the character’s other powers into it.

Life Support

You can ignore certain physical needs like breathing, eating, or sleeping. For each level of Life Support, choose one of the following needs to ignore. At Life Support 10, you automatically ignore them all:

  • Cold: atmospheric or environmental low temperatures
  • Breathing: you don’t need to breathe at all
  • Eating: including thirst and the need to eliminate waste
  • Heat: atmospheric or environmental high temperatures
  • Pathogens: atmospheric or environmental diseases
  • Pressure: you can survive extremely high pressures
  • Radiation: atmospheric or environmental radiation levels
  • Sleeping: although not fatigue from exertion
  • Toxins: atmospheric or environmental toxins
  • Vacuum: you can survive extremely low pressures

Surviving unprotected in deep space requires Life Support 4 to deal with the cold, airlessness,
radiation, and vacuum.

Life Support does not provide protection against damaging attacks, for that see Resistance.

Reflection (Cost x2 Per Level)

You can reflect the effects of an attack back at the attacker. You test your Reflection power as a reaction, with the attacking ability as the difficulty. On a failed result the reflection attempt fails and you suffer the normal effects of the attack. With a moderate success, you are unaffected by the attack, but neither is the attacker. On a major success or better, the attack is reflected back and the attacker suffers its full effect.


You heal quickly, recovering Stamina equal to your power level every 10 pages, spread out evenly over that time. If you have Regeneration 10, you recover 1 point of Stamina per page. You also recover lost Strength levels equal to your Regeneration level per week. If you have Regeneration 7 or higher, you recover one lost Strength level per day.

Resistance (Power Group)

You are especially resistant to a particular type of effect. Choose one of the following: Afflictions, Binding, Blinding, Cold, Corrosives, Electricity, Heat, Magical Attacks, Mental Attacks, Physical Attacks, Radiation. Subtract your Resistance level from the level of any such effect. If the level is reduced to 0 or less, it doesn’t work on you at all.

Defensive Powers

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