Character Creation

Each Player will create a single character. You are the first known heroes since the ancient tales of Hercules and Thor. For now, your numbers are few.

Step 1: Concept

Come up with a general concept of your character and his/her place in the world.

Step 2: Points

Players start with 35 points to spend on their characters, which are spent at a 1 for 1 basis for Attributes, Specialties, and Most Powers (except those indicated as costing 2 points per level).

Step 3: Abilities

Spend points to raise Abilities at a 1 for 1 basis. You must spend at least 1 point on each ability, and you can only have one ability at level 8.

Step 4: Specialties

Spend points to purchase Specialties at a 1 for 1 basis. You may have as many specialties as you want, but none can be raised higher than level 3.

Step 5: Powers

Spend points to purchase powers at a 1 for 1 basis unless a Power is stated to cost 2 points per level. You may spend no more than 5 points on any base power, though you may purchase as many bonus powers as applicable to those powers within the rules for doing so. Powers can be purchased multiple times to allow for different applications of a Power (especially among Power Groups).

Every Power must be detailed in terms of how it functions, what it looks like, and any specifics to it’s use.

Step 6: Stamina

Add your hero’s Strength level and Willpower level together and record the result as starting Stamina value.

Step 7: Determination

Subtract the hero’s number of powers from 6 to get the hero’s starting Determination, with a minimum value of 1.

For the sake of figuring out starting Determination, any Ability ranked over 6 counts as a Power and any Power that costs 2 points per Level, counts as 2 Powers.

Select Aspects for your character, up to 5, and an equal number of Complications to go with them.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Expand upon your character’s background, coming up with a civilian identity, brief history, and place among the world.

Describe your character’s basic looks, uniform, and any visual flairs he may have.

Determine the basic personality of your hero.

Step 9: Look

All characters must be designed using this simple program to the best of it’s ability to represent the look you have in mind. Players are encouraged to alter screen shots after creation to more closely resemble their hero.

Step 10: GM Approval

Once a character is created, it must be looked over by the GM, who will make sure points are spent correctly, powers are properly detailed, and the background and description are sufficient within the setting of the game.

Once the character is approved, it should be uploaded at Photobucket under the account and password given in the forums. This picture can then be used throughout the Portal and Forums during the game.

Character Creation

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