Alteration Powers

These powers alter the character’s body in some fashion.

Device: Alteration devices can take many different forms, including, but not limited to: pills and “wonder-drugs;” belts, suits, or harnesses; magical talismans, or gloves or gauntlets for touch-range powers like Power Duplication or Theft.

Ability Boost (Power Group)

This power is a temporary boost to any one ability (chosen when the power is acquired). Ability Boost is actually a power group of six powers, one for each ability: Prowess Boost, Coordination Boost, Strength Boost, and so forth.

Once each scene you can boost the chosen ability’s level up to the power level, lasting for a number of pages equal to the newly boosted level. Then the affected ability’s level is reduced to one lower than its normal level for the same amount of time while it recovers. So, for example, Strength Boost 8 raises your Strength level to 8 for 8 pages, then your Strength drops to 1 less than its normal level for 8 pages while you recover. When you determine the level for this power, remember to choose higher than the level you already have in that ability.


Your hero can transform into an entirely different alternate character! Create a second character as your Alter-Ego. The new character automatically has one less power. The GM may require certain traits, notably mental abilities, to remain consistent between the two characters. If your hero simply has an “ordinary” human identity with no powers as an Alter-Ego (like Shazam!), that is most likely a Challenge rather than an instance of this power. You can assume alter-ego form at will, but must revert to your normal form afterward for an amount of time equal to the time spent in your alter-ego form(s).

Bonus Power – Serial Alter-Egos: As a Bonus Power, you can assume a series of superhuman alter-egos! You have a set number of alter-egos equal to the level spent on Alter-Ego. You can assume alter-ego form at will, but must revert to your normal form afterward for an amount of time equal to the time spent in your alter-ego forms.

Alternate Form (Power Group)

You can transform into a form other than flesh and blood, selected from the list below, at will. While transformed you possess the properties of the material and gain Invulnerability equal to the power’s level.

Depending on the form and Game Master approval you can use the level of this power to determine damage when attacking in close combat (punching with fists of steel, igniting things while made of fire, suffocating with gas or water, burning with acid, etc.).

Each type of Alternate Form is a power group, so you have Electrical Form, Fire Form, Gaseous Form, Metal Form, Water Form, and so forth, as individual powers.

Energy: You transform into energy (choose electricity, fire, light, radiation, etc.). When in energy form you can do such things as:

  • Jump into power lines and travel through them. (Electricity)
  • Ignite flammable objects by touch. (Fire)
  • Move at the speed of light. (Light)
  • Cause radiation burns and sickness. (Radiation)

Gaseous: You transform into a cloud of gas. You can flow through any opening that’s not airtight and move through the air at your normal ground movement speed.

Liquid: You transform into a liquid like water. While in liquid form you can flow like water, running through cracks and other small spaces.

Solid: You transform into a dense material like metal or stone. You gain Strength equal to the greater of your power level or your normal Strength +1 while in solid form.


You are equally suited to living and moving underwater and on land. You can breathe normally under water and your Coordination and Awareness are the better of their normal levels or this power’s level while submerged. You can swim at a speed based on your power level: 3 is a swift swimmer like a dolphin, 5 is as fast as a submersible, 7 like a torpedo, while higher levels are faster than any known sea-creature or vessel.

If you have this power, but cannot breathe air (that is, you “drown” out of water, see Swimming), it does not count against your total number of powers when figuring Determination, since you essentially have a permanent “challenge” associated with it.


Your body, as well as worn or carried items, can change color, allowing you to blend into your surroundings. This is similar to Invisibility, except it is easier to detect; anyone searching for you makes an Awareness test against a difficulty equal to your Chameleon power level. If the Awareness test fails, you remain hidden.


You can control your body’s density, increasing it to become heavier, stronger, and tougher, but

When your power is active, your Strength equals your Density level or your normal Strength +1, whichever is greater, and you gain Invulnerability equal to your Density level. However, your Coordination equals the lower of your normal level or 10 minus your Density level, and at Density 10, you are unable to move without making a Willpower (10) test, which allows you to move a few steps.

Bonus Power – Phasing: If you have Density, you can choose Phasing as a bonus power, representing the ability to both increase and decrease your density.

Duplication (Cost x2 per Level)

You can produce exact duplicates of yourself out of nowhere. You can create a number of duplicates equal to your power level, so one duplicate with Duplication 1, two with Duplication 2, and so forth. (The power to create virtually unlimited duplicates is off the scale.) Duplicates have the same traits as you, except they lack this power (duplicates cannot themselves create duplicates). You and your duplicates share the same “pool” of Determination, like a team. Duplicates act as independent characters, although the GM may want to use the guidelines for cooperation with a group of duplicates

A dead or unconscious duplicate disappears. If you are knocked out or killed, all your duplicates disappear as well.

Empowerment (Cost x2 Per Level)

You have the ability to bestow super powers upon a target (whether that target already possesses powers or not). Any target that you touch gains one power at the same level as your Empowerment (the power you can empower is chosen by you and is always the same). The target keeps these new powers for ten times your Empowerment level in pages.

Bonus Power – Random Empowerment: As a bonus power, any target that you touch rolls randomly for a single power, and a random power level – if the level rolled exceeds your Empowerment power level, the new power maxes out at the same level. If the level rolled is lower, an additional power is rolled, until the total power level of all powers rolled equals your Empowerment power.

Bonus Power – Ranged Empowerment: As a bonus power, you can make an Empowerment at extended range. You must make a Coordination test to hit the target.

Extra Body Parts (Power Group)

You have additional body parts, either a completely new part (such as a tail) or more of an existing part (like four arms instead of two). Choose one of the following:

Carapace: You have a hard shell, granting Invulnerability equal to your power level.
Claws: You have the Strike power at a level equal to your power level.
Extra Arms: You have the Fast Attack power at a level equal to your power level.
Extra Legs: You can move faster, using your power level for your speed like the Super-Speed power.
Tail: You can use your tail as if it were an extra arm. You gain the Fast Attack power at a level equal to your power level.
Tentacles: You have powerful tentacles with Strength equal to your power level. They might grow out of your shoulders, back, or sides, or even be made up of long, prehensile hair.
Wings: You gain the Flight power at a level equal to your power level.


You can grow larger at will, increasing your strength and toughness, but also becoming easier to notice and hit. While enlarged, your Strength level becomes the greater of your power level or your normal Strength +1 and you gain Invulnerability equal to your power level.

Your height is based on your Growth level, as shown on the table below, and you have a penalty to your defense based on your increased size, since it’s easier for opponents to hit you.

Growth Table

Level Height Defense
1 9 feet -0
2 12 feet -1
3 15 feet -1
4 18 feet -1
5 21 feet -1
6 24 feet -2
7 27 feet -2
8 30 feet -2
9 60 feet -3
10 120 feet -3


You can become invisible at will. Sound, scent, heavy rain, and similar methods can still give away your presence and location. You can also attempt to turn objects or even other characters invisible by touching them. Roll an Invisibility (5) test, with success the item or character becomes invisible and remains so as long as you are touching it. Use your power level to determine the maximum mass of an object you can affect, as if you were trying to lift it (see Difficulty Modifier Table Reference).

Bonus Power – Invisibility Ray: You can choose Invisibility Ray as a bonus power, allowing you to make other things (and people) invisible at a distance.

Material Duplication (Cost x2 Per Level)

By touching a substance or energy you can take on its properties like the Alternate Form power, except you can assume different alternate forms, but only by touching the appropriate material or energy first.

If you choose to do nothing in your panel except duplicate the properties of an incoming attack, you become immune to that attack and take on its form. So, for example, if you choose to adapt and are hit with a flame-thrower, you assume a fire form and the flame-thrower attack has no effect. If you’re hit with multiple attacks in a page, you choose which (if any) you duplicate. Attacks with no material or energy qualities — such as Life Drain or Mental Blast — are impossible to duplicate.


You can become less substantial, transforming into ectoplasm, altering your density or atomic valence, or perhaps phasing out of the physical world in some fashion. You gain Immunity to physical attack and can pass harmlessly through solid objects. Make a power test to pass through energy fields (like a force field) with a Difficulty equal to the field’s level. You’re also unable to physically affect the world while you are out-of-phase, although you can still use mental powers, and they may be used on you.

Bonus Power – Phased Power: As a bonus power, you can use an offensive power you possess to affect the physical world while you are out-of-phase. However, you must in turn choose some effect that works on you even while you are phasing.

Power Duplication (Cost x2 Per Level)

By touching another character, you can duplicate their powers and use them yourself. You gain all the target’s powers at their existing level or your Power Duplication level, whichever is less. So if you have Power Duplication 4, any powers you duplicate are limited to a level no greater than 4.

You retain any duplicated powers until you choose to duplicate another set or you are rendered
unconscious, in which case you lose any previously duplicated powers.

Bonus Power – Multiple Duplication: As a bonus power, you can duplicate the powers of two subjects at the same time, but only the highest level of any given power applies. Each additional bonus power allows you to duplicate an additional subject. You must still touch the subjects one at a time to duplicate their powers.

Power Theft (Cost x2 Per Level)

By touching another character, you can steal their powers and use them yourself! Subtract your power level from the levels of all the target’s powers. You gain the powers at that level (the lesser of your Power Theft level and the target’s original level). The target retains any remaining power level. So if you have Power Theft 4 and touch a target with Fire Control 7, you gain Fire Control 4 and your target retains Fire Control 3. If your power level exceeds the subject’s power, you gain it at the target’s level and the target loses it entirely. Multiple touches have a cumulative effect, until all of the target’s power levels are gone (at which point there is no more left for you to steal).

You retain the stolen powers for ten times your Power Theft level in pages. Then you lose 1 level from each stolen power per page, and your target regains 1 level per page, until the stolen powers are completely gone.

You can steal powers from multiple targets, but only the highest level of any given power applies.

Bonus Power – Ranged Power Theft: As a bonus power, you can make a power theft attack at extended range. You must make a Coordination test to hit the target of your attack.


You can become smaller at will, down to a minimum height as shown on the table on the next page. When using Shrinking your Strength level is unaffected. You also gain the modifier listed on the table as a bonus to defense and attack tests against normal-sized opponents.

Microscopic Size: At Shrinking 9+ you can reduce your size below that visible to the naked eye, down to the microscopic or even atomic or sub-atomic levels. You essentially exist in a separate “world” on another scale. You no longer interact directly with the larger world and your Strength is limited to interacting with things at the same scale. On the other hand, at microscopic and smaller sizes you can do things like slip through tiny openings or even between molecules (at atomic size).

Bonus Power – Growth Momentum: As a bonus power, you can enlarge rapidly under a target, using the momentum of your growth to enhance an attack; add the modifier for your Shrinking level given on the table as a bonus to your unarmed damage (with a maximum of +3).

Shrinking Chart

Level Size Modifier
1 4 feet +0
2 3 feet +0
3 2 feet +1
4 1 foot +1
5 6 inches +2
6 3 inches +2
7 1 inch +3
8 insect +3
9 microscopic
10 atomic


Your body and limbs can stretch, allowing you to reach or attack someone out to extended distance (see Time and Distance). Use the lower of your normal ability or your Stretching level when you extend your reach, so abilities greater than your Stretching level are reduced to that level, to reflect the difficulty of doing things at an extended distance. The GM may require a Stretching test for extreme distances or uses of your ability.

Bonus Power – Extreme Flexibility: You can choose Invulnerability (representing your body’s extreme flexibility) as a bonus power.

Transformation (Cost x2 Per Level)

You can transform into other things (animals, other characters, objects) although you retain your normal mass (unless you also have Growth or Shrinking). You gain the physical properties of the assumed form, up to your Transformation power level. Turning into other people doesn’t grant you their powers, however. For that, see Power Duplication.

If convincingly imitating a particular form is an issue, your Transformation power level is the difficulty for an Awareness test to notice something amiss. You must have a limitation on your Transformation power. Choose one of the following or work out a similar suitable limitation with the Game Master:

  • You’re limited to turning into a particular type of shape, such as only animals, machines, humanoids, and so forth.
  • You do not gain the physical properties of the forms you assume, just their appearance; you
    can look like a brick wall, but you’re not as strong or tough as one.
  • You have a “tell” that’s always apparent, such as an inability to change color or texture, or having a version of your normal face always visible, making your power less useful for disguising yourself without using other measures, such as make-up.

Bonus Powers – Mass Modification: You can choose Growth, Shrinking, or Stretching as bonus powers, expanding your control over your form.

Alteration Powers

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