Characters in ICONs can perform just about anything they think of that the GM believes in plausible for their abilities.

Listed below are the six abilities and common Tests rolled using each ability. Most Test takes a single cell to perform and is the only think the character can do that turn.

Tests and Time

Unless stated otherwise, most Tests take a single panel to perform. Some may require multiple panels or even pages to finish (especially research type Tests) and the GM will inform you how often you must roll.


You may be called upon to make various tests during or outside of your panel in reaction to something someone else does. These tests require no effort on your character’s part and generally impose no penalties (apart from the effects of failing them); you can perform as many reactions in a page as the Game Master requires.

Supplemental Actions

You may only perform one active test in your panel (the exception is the Fast Attack power which grants characters the ability to make multiple attack tests in one panel) and as many reactions as the GM requires. It is possible to perform supplemental actions during a page, doing additional things that do not require a test, such as movement, but you suffer a –1 penalty to your active test for each supplemental action in that page.

Combining Abilities

Characters may combine their abilities for some tests. In this case, the lowest ability level is used for the test, but it gets a +1 bonus from the higher ability, if the two are equal, use that level with a +1 bonus. Obviously, this makes equals combining their abilities the most useful when it comes to improving the outcome, other combinations are too uneven.

Limiting Abilities

In some situations, one ability may limit another, applying the lower of the two abilities to the test. For example, juggling is a Coordination test. However, a juggling contest involving who can go the longest without getting tired brings Strength into the equation, so it can be said that Strength limits the test and the characters involved use the lower of their Coordination or Strength levels (how good they are at juggling or how good they are at going for a long time without resting).


Tests may be modified by any number of Maneuvers as listed.

Tests By Ability

Prowess Tests
Coordination Tests
Strength Tests
Intellect Tests
Awareness Tests
Willpower Tests


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